How printed coupons help to bring in the business

With shows such as ‘Extreme Couponing’ illustrating the amount of money that can be saved by using manufacturers’ coupons, companies have been quick to ride the wave and take advantage of how much extra business a discount coupon can bring in.

The first manufacturers coupon distributed in the United States was produced in 1888 by the Coca-Cola Company. Nowadays, there are few companies that have not had coupons printed at one time or another.

Coupons can feature discounts of specific products, offer free samples, or be of the type that must be sent in for a rebate on a product. Professional printing companies supply their clients with many coupon formats, including individual ones, those that are perforated and are printed in a brochure, and those that are printed on a product's box.

Once they have been produced, coupons can be distributed by direct mail, inserted into daily newspapers, handed out at trade shows, or made available in grocery stores.

The majority of coupons that are printed are not reimbursed and companies are happy to use them as a way of advertising their products, since they know that they stand a good chance of increasing sales and get people to try a new product through them. In circumstance where a customer might be irate or disappointed, offering a coupon by way of an apology can help assuage this.

Coupons can be printed in full color or black and white, and on paper, cardboard, or stickers. Businesses should always discuss ideas with print companies so that, together, they can come up with a perfect design.