How printing can aid the tourism industry

Booking site Hotels Combined recently conducted a study to find out which states in the U.S. are the most popular for domestic tourists, perhaps giving those in the vacation sector a better idea of some of the themes to consult with brochure printers for their promotional materials.

In total, 87,000 hotel bookings were reviewed to find out which places were the most popular, and California, Florida, Nevada, and Texas took the top four spots, with New York coming in fifth.

Tourism organizations in those states that have warm climates can emphasize this to their advantage. They can ensure that brochure and catalog printing service providers can include plenty of information about their weather tendencies in the materials they create. These will no doubt be very attractive to those looking to spend some time in the sun.

For those states that have a more northerly climate, designing promotional materials that emphasize a vacation experience that’s out of the ordinary can be very effective. Also, while many like to seek the warmth as a break from the winter’s cold, they do not enjoy stifling heat. The northern states can offer their visitors a chance to enjoy summer fun in the great outdoors at a comfortable temperature.

Choosing the right time to have promotional items printed by a printing company and then sent out is vital. Those looking to plan their summer vacation often like to start to make their plans in the spring, while those looking for a warm weather winter getaway would be more responsive in the fall and early winter.