How printing has gone green with recycled paper

With America becoming an increasing green-minded country, the printing industry has moved with it and has become more and more determined to be environmentally sound in recent years. The number of print companies now using recycled paper has seen the overall cost of it decrease, meaning that the idea that green printing can be very expensive is something of a myth.

Paper can be recycled numerous times, although six is often the limit before the fibers break down are unable to make a material of a good standard. There are different grades of quality even among types of recycled paper, however, so companies and individuals using them should consider the job at hand and perhaps ask their printing company for advice.

As part of the process of reusing paper, a non-bleach detergent is used to remove the ink from the page through a process that has been referred to as "scooping” it off the surface. Following this, the paper is broken down into pulp and fibers and used again.

Most printing companies now have standards for environmental sustainability. This not only includes using recycled papers, but also recycling any leftover paper they have, as well as using vegetable-based inks and disposing of any hazardous chemicals in a safe and recommended manner. Many of these standards, especially when it comes to paper, have been developed with the help and advice of the Forest Stewardship Council. Professional printing companies will be happy to brief customers on their environmental policies and what they do to be resourceful.