How printing ticks all the boxes

Following an October 31, 2012 video blog posted by publishing and printing expert Frank Romano on the website ‘What They Think’, the sentiments expressed in the comments below his video suggest that print services are as highly-valued as ever.

In response to Romano’s video, which was about the magazine ‘My Weekly Reader’ changing hands from Reader’s Digest to Scholastic Press, a fellow blogger pointed out that image files and feature-heavy content can be tedious to read via the Internet, especially when not using a high-speed connection or when located in a remote area without access to 3G. It is therefore not surprising that tangible printed media, such as newspapers, magazines, flyers, and banners, maintain such a high level of popularity.

There are many people who would rather hold a book than read it on a screen, and stationery is also very classy product, often given as a gift. Nobody ever suggests that emails are suitable to be given as presents, and people will always want items in print.

From a business perspective, printed marketing can be used to great effect. If marketing is solely carried out online, the business is relying on people to visit or stumble across its website. Through printing, potential customers can be targeted on their way to work or during a weekend trip to the shops, through well-placed poster, banner, and flyer printing.

The digital era is a challenging but very exciting time to be involved in the print industry. There are many opportunities to embrace new technology, with digital business cards being just one such area, while still holding onto the personal and professional touch people have come to expect from professionally printed materials.