How statement stuffers can boost business

It is becoming increasingly common to see businesses getting in touch with stationery printers in search of statement stuffers, which are printed materials included with regular mailings to a customer. They can be advertisements for company products, information about upcoming events, or an update on changes to any terms of services.

Nobody enjoys receiving bills, but including such stuffers with mailings might soften the blow a little for the recipient, and is very cost-effective for the sender. They can be designed and printed by a local printing company and, since many of the stuffers are smaller than average size (often no bigger than a number 9 envelope), they cost less to produce than a full-sized copy. They can therefore maximize on color and info for less of an investment.

Another notable advantage of statement stuffers is that, because they are often included with important items like bills or purchase orders, they are unlikely to be ignored by their recipients and could be scrutinized in detail.

Statement stuffers have been shown to increase sales of certain items while not incurring extra postage charges. Some examples of stuffers include coupons to be used in stores or online, details of services the business offers, and notification of any upcoming promotions.

It is suggested that every stuffer should have some link to the company, such as the logo printed on it. A teaser of what is enclosed being printed on the envelope is also recommended. The main thing to remember is that these stuffers are an opportunity for a company to make extra profit for minimal extra cost.