How the food service industry uses print to meet consumer demand

With more and more food chains developing ideas that will allow their franchise to capture a part of the growing demand for offsite catering and food delivery, the National Restaurant Association has said that doing so can lead to an increase in sales revenue to in excess of 10%.

The success of these ventures depends upon a variety of factors, with one of the most important being appropriate packaging and other paper goods. In this situation, print companies have a major role to play.

When customers call or otherwise send in their orders, they will want to have their selections arrive at the correct temperature and in containers that are both strong yet eco-conscious. They also want to feel that they are getting good value for their money, and that their business matters.

This is an area in which printed materials can make a big difference. Menus can be included with each order, which will keep the restaurant in the mind of the consumer the next time they need food delivered. Another way that print companies can help to increase sales is to prepare small customized promotional items such bulk-mailed flyers, coupons, and business cards. Those specializing in stationery printing, meanwhile, can assist in the products of presentation folders, letterheads, and fridge magnets.

As the food service industry adapts to meet the changing market demands, the printing industry is changing in sync with them. This will help to ensure the overall long-term success of such ventures.