Making a manual mean business

Many companies, especially those that are large and successful, provide an operations manual to their employees to sets out what is expected of them, what the company policies are, and how to do certain jobs. To give off a particularly professional aura, it is common for businesses to use professional print companies so that the info can be laid out in a clear, aesthetically pleasing way.

Due to their importance in making employees feel connected with the company, there are several options to consider when having them produced by your local printing company.

Manuals can include a lot more than just plain printed text; some might have color inserts and transparencies, as well as colorful and sturdy tabs to help find information more quickly. Some popular types of bindings include a three-ring system that offers easy replacement of pages without reprinting the entire manual again, comb binding to allow the manual to lie flat, and spiral binding, which is the most flexible option and allows the pages to fold back.

Though those manuals can be produced at any company, this can be a time consuming and costly process. Leaving it up to a printing company to handle all aspects is therefore the smarter choice. A professional printer will talk to the client and find out exactly what they require in a manual. Then they will present the various options that are available and can even offer suggestions on the options that would best suit the client’s needs.