Making catalog printing pay for itself

Companies, particularly those with a wide range of stock, often produce catalogs of their products to list all the merchandise they offer. They may allow people to order through the telephone or online, or they may be only available to those who physically visit the store or company. Whatever the reason, and regardless of how they are used, there are tips to remember when deciding to produce a catalog with the help of a local printing company.

In order for a catalog to be successful, it must be attractive to potential customer or clients. This can be done by having a cover photograph, or set of images, that are pleasing to the eye and will encourage people to pick it up. The colors used in the catalog should ideally match the colors that appear in the company logo, as this helps increase brand recognition. The items listed should be easy to read and the overall look should not be cluttered, so allow for a lot of white space. The product descriptions should also be appealing and give all the information a consumer needs to make an educated decision.

For budget-conscious companies, one way to save money on printing and distributing catalogs is by making them smaller - for example, a 5x8 catalog is cheaper to mail than a larger one. They can also cut costs by choosing lighter paper stock for the interior of the catalog. Professional printing companies can advise their clients on all aspects of catalog printing to ensure they get the best return on their money.