Making print marketing environmentally friendly

There are many ways in which organizations can make their printed products more eco-friendly and, despite popular belief, such products will not necessarily raise the prices significantly.

The first way in which firms can address the issue is by checking whether the printing company they hire is able to work with recycled paper. While glossy promotional material is eye-catching on one hand, some companies might want to extoll their eco-conscious mentality by showing that they market themselves with recycled material. The paper industry uses 11% of all trees cut down in the United States and replants three times as many trees as it pulls up. Thanks to this, there are now more forests in the country than there were 50 years ago.

It is also a good idea for a business with offices in various cities to hire a printing company with facilities all over the country. Obviously, this saves on the amount of time it takes to ship products, as well as on the costs of gasoline and handling that long treks require. It also allows more people to have the chance to meet one-on-one with those who work for those printing companies if they have any queries.

Many printing companies extend their green ethics to recycling their own paper waste into office paper stock. Some will use soy-based inks, which often provide brighter colors in the finished product.

Most companies involved in the printing industry do their utmost to minimize their carbon footprint while still providing quality printing services for their clients.