Making the most of outdoor advertising

Now that the warmer weather has arrived in most of the United States and more people are venturing out of their houses, outdoor advertising has become more important than ever.

Some people might instantly picture billboards when they think of outdoor advertising, but they are just a part of it. Outdoor advertising obtained from printing companies can also include posters, banners, and signs. Regardless of the advertising format, however, there are several rules that should be followed to ensure that a company’s efforts will be noticed and lead to success.

For starters, most advertising experts will agree that a billboard, banner, or sign should have no more than seven words to be at its most effective. Long paragraphs about a company or service will simply be ignored in the majority of cases. Only one or two compatible fonts should also be used and will help make it easier to read.

As a rule, only images that are directly related to the product or services being advertised should be integrated, and it is vital not to overlook the choice of colors used, especially since those used in the background must make the print stand out and not detract from it.

Another mistake many make with outdoor advertising is to have too much contact information provided. It is important that only one contact is provided on a billboard, banner, or sign to avoid confusion. The message on these items must also be original and not parrot other companies’ campaigns. Local print companies can advise their customers on what should and should not be included on their outdoor advertising.