Maryland university’s brochures given a boost

Those interested in a career in medicine would be well advised to give John’s Hopkins University a second look, according to the US News and World Report. The high praise gives the University plenty to highlight in future brochure and catalog printing.

The school’s programs, including public health, nursing and medicine, as well as disciplines such as biomedical engineering are among some of the best to be found in the entire country, the Report’s ‘Best Graduate School Rankings’ reveal.

The publication placed the institution’s public health and education programs in the number one position, while nursing came in at number two and medicine at number three. The online programs that it offers in nursing achieved a dramatically higher ranking than last year, coming in at third place.

Relaying this information to those who are interested in furthering their education and considering which institution to attend can help them to make their decision. Brochure printers can produce pamphlets that do this, while catalog printing firms can create more detailed publications that contain in-depth data for those who are interested in finding out more.

The school's Dean of Education, David W. Andrews, remarked that he is “proud and honored” of the school, and that the numbers reflect well on all the efforts that have been made to improve its standing. He also noted that it works hard to provide the best teachers, research programs, and school leaders, and that even though this is a time of rapid growth in the public health field, the school was more than able to hold its own.