Minuteman Press franchise reviews future of print industry

People tend to ask, "What is the future of the printing industry?" In a recent YouTube video, the Minuteman Press franchise reviews the future of print by posing that same question to their business owners, who are qualified printing and marketing professionals. Based on their answers, one can see that the outlook is bright for the future of print, just as it is for the Minuteman Press franchise system.

Here are three other reasons why the future of printing industry is in good shape:

1. Digital printing means higher quality with faster turnaround. Digital print technology innovations have enabled printers to offer high quality, full color products in a quick and cost-effective manner.

2. Personalized printing delivers marketing results. Marketers and advertisers have indicated that taking a personalized approach to direct mail marketing produces better results than generic messaging. With variable data printing, printers can personalize individual marketing pieces during one continuous run without having to stop and start.

3. Print is tangible and versatile. Print remains unique for its ability to appeal to multiple senses, something email marketing cannot do. Not only that, today's print marketing strategy goes beyond just ink on paper. Today, printers like your local Minuteman Press franchise can produce anything you can put a name, image or logo on. This includes promotional products, custom apparel, specialty labels, and more.

Future of printing industry is in good hands

Printing is not going anywhere. In fact, with industry leaders like Minuteman Press, the future is in very capable hands.

Serving the business community for over 40 years, Minuteman Press’ customer service driven business model provides digital print, design and promotional products and services to businesses from concept review through to completion. Today we are much more than just print; we can provide anything you can put a name, image or logo on! Our slogan – We Design, Print & Promote… YOU! – indicates the wide variety of products and services we offer that go beyond printing.

Minuteman Press International is a number one rated business service franchise that offers world class training and unparalleled ongoing local support. Started in 1973 by Roy Titus and his son Bob, Minuteman Press began franchising in 1975 and has grown to nearly 1,000 locations worldwide including the U.S., Australia, Canada, South Africa, and the United Kingdom. Minuteman Press has been rated #1 in category 28 times by Entrepreneur and 16 times in a row, including 2019. Prior experience is not necessary to own and operate a successful Minuteman Press franchise.