Minuteman Press ‘Presses On’ With Konica Minolta to Address Increasing Print Volume

DELRAY BEACH, Fla.--The number 13 is typically associated with bad luck. For Matthew Perry’s Minuteman Press franchise in Delray Beach, Florida, it’s the total number of employees in this 30-year-old commercial printer that pumps out everything from postcards to manuals and burns through about $20,000 worth of paper each month.

This full-service Minuteman Press digital print, design and marketing center was actually experiencing good luck with an increasing volume of small print runs that required short turnaround times. So Perry needed to address the growing volume and inconsistent printer registrations his team was encountering with their older Konica Minolta products.

To do this, Perry sought help from three print production vendors, including Konica Minolta. He chose Konica Minolta, he said, for four reasons:

• His belief that Konica Minolta, though a large company, would work more intimately with his small company

• The reliable and knowledgeable service technician who helps them resolve issues even after hours

• Konica Minolta’s respected reputation

• Competitive prices

Perry purchased two bizhub PRESS® 1100s and one each of the bizhub PRESS 1250, bizhub PRESS 1050 and bizhub PRESS C7000 over the past five years.

“We purchased the 1250 because of how robust its booklet-maker options are,” Perry said. “The post inserters hold a plethora of paper; the booklet maker can staple an unbelievable amount of pages and it can still face trim it. Konica Minolta also includes staples, which is nice because, when you are printing more than 300,000 black-and-white prints each month on each machine, the cost of copy machine staples can surprise you at the end of the month.”

According to Perry, the implementation of the Konica Minolta solutions has produced several benefits for his company.

“These new machines cannot be compared to their older models,” he said. “Huge improvements have been made. We practically eliminated reruns due to streaking or erratic registration, and machine down times have been drastically improved. All this has significantly decreased our need to rerun jobs, which can be very costly in a busy shop.”

Perry foresees opportunities with Konica Minolta solutions. “I am considering purchasing the envelope printer for both our black-and-white and color machines,” he said.

His overall assessment of his partnership with Konica Minolta has “been excellent,” Perry said. “The company works very hard for you – like a partner – which is really great.”

For more information on Minuteman Press, visit www.minutemanpress.com.

For more information on Konica Minolta, visit http://kmbs.konicaminolta.us.