New standard offers a framework for printing companies

The International Organization for Standardization Technical Committee 130, Working Group 11 has developed a new standard aimed at lowering the carbon footprint of the graphics and printing companies. The group began working on it barely three years ago and it is intended to continue the heavy focus on sustainability promoted within the printing industry.

ISO 16749:2013, as it is known, will give companies a framework under which to work in order to measure results. It will help them to choose materials and equipment that will reduce carbon and greenhouse gases while also bringing down overall costs. The new standard gives printing companies and other groups a structure to work under and steps to follow.

Laurel Brunner of Digital Dots commented:

"It is hoped ISO 16749 will encourage print media buyers and consumers to think more carefully about how they invest in and use media."

By following the new standard, printers, print service providers, content producers, and those working with prepress are likely to find it easier to provide exactly what the public wants.

This standard is just one of many that printing companies have implemented to encourage environmental sustainability. These includes investing in recycled paper from renewable sources, increasing their use of soy or vegetable based inks, recycling any waste paper they produce, and making sure to dispose of any dangerous chemicals in a safe and sustainable way.

Far from being a costly process, switching to more environmentally friendly practices can actually save a company, and its customers, money.