NRG Systems rebrand about to set sail

Vermont-based NRG Systems is changing its name to Renewable NRG Systems, Inc as part of a rebrand expected to take place over the next few months.

The wind energy-focused company was founded in Bristol in 1982, and its primary mission is to provide equipment to the industry. It has two Gold LEED manufacturing plants and has developed into an international business with offices in 150 countries.

President and CEO Jan Blomstrann expects the name change and rebrand to help the company realize its full potential. He said:

“Though our roots are in wind resource assessment technology, our products — both existing and those in development — allow us to expand the company’s reach into a broader market. We are thrilled that our new brand is well-aligned with this focus.”

Along with the name change, the new tagline ‘See the potential’ has been added, which is expected to let customers know the company is there to help them make informed decisions and supply tools.

A name change will no doubt mean that the company logos must all be changed wherever they appear. Due to the volume of work and alteration that usually occurs in the event of a rebrand, businesses undergoing one often work with a professional printing company, which can help to replace all of the office stationery including business cards, envelopes, memos, and writing paper.

As well as this, rebrands are usually followed up with printed marketing campaigns, helping the company’s new identity to become well-known as quickly as possible.