Online giants launch new logos

In the last few weeks, two major internet companies have modernized their logos to appeal to more users.

Online payment facilitator PayPal and on-demand media streaming site Netflix have introduced new logos to their advertising, although the latter has yet to confirm whether it will be making the change permanent or it is merely a trial.

Netflix, which has both a major online and offline presence, allows users to stream movies and television shows via computers, tablets, and smartphone devices. The service also mails out DVDs and Blu-Rays to subscribers. Its new logo features red lettering with a white background, rather than the red background with black and white letters used by the company since its formation in 1997.

PayPal, the premium online financial service that allows people to transfer money to and from businesses and individuals, has rolled out a new logo consisting of two blue Ps of different shades, one on top of the other, with the company name written below. Since more and more offline stores are beginning to accept PayPal, the new logo is likely to start appearing more often on shop windows alongside credit card stickers and signs.

Both of these services still invest in traditional printing services for advertising via billboards, posters, magazines, and signs. As with any company that makes these types of logo, any company stationery must be changed, new business cards must be printed, and, in Netflix's case, mailing envelopes will need to be reprinted should it start a full rollout of the new design.