Picking up the pace of networking

With business professionals’ time at a premium in 2015, networking events today are all about speed and excellent first impressions. What remains constant, however, is the importance of business cards, which are satisfying to hold, swift to exchange, and easy to keep hold of to build up a network of trusted business partners.

The emphasis on fast pace was highlighted by an event in Michigan in mid-April that allowed business owners to get quick-fire tips on running a company. The setup was designed to mimic that of the phenomenon of speed dating.

At the Small Biz Buzz Forum, held as part of Michigan's 'Money Smart Week' from April 18 to 25, entrepreneurs and business professionals were given the opportunity to attend a number of short talks on how to boost profit and manage finances.

In a two-hour blitz, attendees were given a choice of 10 tables to visit, each offering a 20-minute seminar. Those who used their time wisely were therefore able to visit six tables.

It certainly reflects the on-the-go nature of modern life and, much as speed dating has become the go-to option for those looking for romance, it may be the case that pushed-for-time business owners are looking for a similarly fast-paced way to learn tips of the trade.

In keeping with this idea, both traditional and digital business card printing offer immediate ways to make an impact. Accompanied by an 'elevator speech', they offer a speedy way to promote a company.

This is what makes a fresh business card printing order essential before making an appearance at a major networking event.