Postcards can deliver the goods

Postcards have been used in advertising since the early days of business. Of course, the early cards were black and white and consisted mainly of text, possibly with a drawn illustration. Today, a postcard can be as simple or as complicated as necessary. Printing companies give plenty of choices for those planning on using postcards to advertise.

Available in a variety of sizes, postcards can come with a glossy or a matt finish, in various thicknesses of card stock, and can be embossed or have raised lettering. The average postcard mailed out is a glossy 3" x 5" card with a picture on the front and contact information on the back. When used for marketing, the picture is often of a product or an upcoming event.

Businesses use postcards for many reasons and artists sometimes treat them as large-scale business cards. The postcard may have a sample of a piece of their work on the front, while the underside will have contact information and possibly room for an address and a stamp. These cards are often kept - some people will frame them while others will put them on their refrigerator, meaning that the card is likely to get plenty of exposure beyond the initial mailing.

With postcards being such a versatile and aesthetically pleasing tool in marketing and promotion of products and services, it is no surprise that so many businesspeople seek the services of a professional printing company to make full use of the advantages of postcard printing.