Print companies and local food producers go hand in hand

In many towns across the country, the first harvests of early fruits and vegetables are coming in, and the people who have discovered the enjoyment of locally grown produce have been looking forward to this time with great anticipation.

Many will be prowling farmers’ markets, trying to find the freshest produce, and with the help of a printing company, they will be able to find just what they want.

There are many types of freshly picked fruits and veggies that do not ship or store well, so if a person wants to try them, they will need to find them in their local area. For example, some heirloom varieties of tomatoes, herbs, berries, greens and peppers can only be found at farm gate style establishments, and for many people, the taste is worth the wait. A business that provides printing services can work with the owner of the market to produce promotional materials that let the public know more about the benefits of buying local, and where they can go to do so.

Keeping potential customers abreast of the latest produce available can boost sales, and once again, a print company can lend a hand here. Flyers and other printed materials can advertise the market, and if it includes a QR code, they can scan it and link to its website where they can find the most up-to-date information. It can even provide them with links to recipes and other information they may find helpful.

For many gourmands, and those who just love fresh fruits and vegetables, summertime is the best part of the year, and a printer can make it even better.