Printing association brings training to all

The Printing Industries of America (PIA), the biggest printing association in the country, has just launched its new Integrated Learning Center.

The center is aimed at those who work for professional graphics communications and printing companies, including those who work in prepress, customer service, and general management.

The courses are offered online for both PIA members and non-members. Members can purchase an annual subscription for all courses at an introductory price of $225, while non-members must pay for each course separately.

The first offering from the Center is ‘Orientation to the Graphic Arts’, which is aimed at those just begging to work with companies. It will include seven hours of instruction, several quizzes. and a final test. Those who pass will receive a certificate of completion.

The courses will be taught by experts in their fields, who also helped to develop them.

Other courses coming up include one on Photoshop color correction for prepress and another that will be an introduction to color management. The Center also promises it will have a course on sales and administration.

Offering online training and education makes learning accessible to all of those who work for graphics and print companies throughout the country. It means that employees who need to know the latest techniques of their trade will not need to take time off work or travel to other cities, thus saving them both time and money.

To find out more about the Integrated Learning Center call 412-259-1770.