Printing the perfect catalog

There are all sorts of reasons why a company would want to print a catalog. When many of us think of catalogs, we picture the old Sears catalog, selling merchandise directly to the consumer. However, a catalog can also be a manual, an annual report, or a pamphlet. They are used to sell products, highlight company successes, and even train employees. A catalog is a very important marketing tool because it can dictate whether or not people will buy from a company.

It is imperative that a business hires a professional printing company to help with its catalog printing. They have the necessary experience and they can advise a company on what type of catalog it needs. There are so many steps a company must take in order for their catalog to be useful to those who read them. Those who work for printing companies, with the knowledge to provide help in that quest, should therefore be consulted.

Colors play a large part in the failure or success of a catalog. They must be chosen carefully and should not clash with one another, as that could make someone decide that they don't want to pick up a catalog. A catalog must also contain quality artwork; free clip art will not do. The next question is what type of paper to use; matte or glossy, thin or thick, and whether to use cover stock paper. The final decision will be what type of binding to use, with WireO, Perfect or Saddle Stitched being common options. A professional catalog printer can help make these decisions.