Quality holiday card haul the target for troop-focused group

The organization Operation Christmas Cards (OCC) is back in force and has set itself different challenges for 2013.

The program, which was launched in 2009 and aims to send as many holiday cards as possible to Americans serving in the Armed Forces, is looking to greet at least 175,000 military members with cards this year, but says it is now primarily focusing on quality ahead of quantity.

Initially set up specifically to spread festive cheer and gratitude to those serving overseas during Christmas, the program will also focus on troops in America this year, keeping in mind that they still might not be able to spend Christmas at home with their families. Numbers of cards shipped in previous years have topped the 400,000 mark.

Donations take different forms, with some contributors heading out to shops to find their choice of cards, while others may give a personal touch by designing cards themselves and perhaps taking them to a printing company for a professional finish.

At least two schools in America have made local news for creating and sending cards for the cause, with Ocean Bay Elementary School in South Carolina and Braden River Middle School in Florida showing that they may have some budding graphic designers or print company specialists in their ranks.

Those who would like to get involved themselves can find full details at the OCC website, but will need to move quickly as cards need to arrive at the organization’s location in Shrewsbury, Massachusetts by Monday, November 25.