Reflecting the time of year through marketing

The change of the seasons often means that many people find that their interests also change, making it important for such variations to be reflected in marketing. Printing companies are aware of this, and can suggest ideas for products such as flyers and postcards that will match any time of year.

For example, for spring advertising, the color pallet might include mostly pastel colors and graphics related to Easter or newborn animals. Also, the warmer weather is a time to emphasize things such as fitness, gardening and landscaping, recreational activities, or anything else to do with the outdoors. It is also important to use upcoming holidays in any advertising.

It has been suggested that having a marketing campaign that revolves around specific seasons or holidays gives more of a ‘sense of urgency’. If any savings or products are only around for a short period of time, people will want to buy them before they disappear. This might encourage them to buy more than they might have had the product or service been advertised year round.

Some ideas for seasonal campaigns might include postcards advertising specific products sold for Easter or Mother's Day. Emphasis might be placed on gift giving which is another way to get people to buy more. Postcards are often cheaper to mail than other advertising materials, and postcard printing usually costs less than more detailed brochure or catalog printing.

Postcards are also often passed onto others more easily than other marketing materials. A printing company can even send the postcards out directly based on a mailing list provided by the client, thus saving even more time and money.