Relaxed travel rules could mean good news for printing companies

The relaxation of the current U.S. policies regarding travel to Cuba could see more Americans travelling to visit that country than ever before.

Under current policies, American citizens wishing to visit Cuba need to receive a license from the US Treasury Department, and can usually only travel there for educational purposes on a holiday organized by a tour group. Under the new rules, travelers will be able to visit the country without a license, so long as it is for the purposes of educating themselves about Cuba.

While the rules and policies are less strict than in the past, the easiest way for most U.S. citizens to see the country will still be to travel as part of a group organized by a tour company. Many expect that there will be an increase in the number of people who wish to take an excursion to the Caribbean country.

This could be good news for brochure printers and other printing companies who produce promotional materials. With the expected rise in the number of those interested in spending some time in Cuba, there may well be a corresponding increase in the number of people requesting these items from the American travel companies that will be organizing the tours.

A printing company can also produce other items for those firms that will be assisting travelers in arranging a visit to Cuba. They can print items like travel catalogs, tour guides and pamphlets, printed T-shirts, travel bags, and even custom printed lanyards for the tourists to wear.