Retail numbers up for November

According to the latest statistics, retail sales are on the rise, representing good news both for retailers themselves and the firms that provide them with materials and other forms of support.

The Action Economics results from November show that sales rose by 0.7%, mostly due to the gains in the number of purchases of such items as building supplies, clothing, and vehicles. This is the biggest increase since March, and it is expected that people will continue to buy in greater numbers with the arrival of the holidays.

According to the Chief Economist with Regions Financial, a big part of the increase in consumer spending is the drop in gas prices, which provides them with extra money to spend on items that they might not otherwise be able to afford to buy. This translates into more profits for retail establishments and an increased need for them to purchase the items they require to do business, many of which are produced by printing companies.

For example, a clothing store may need to have such items as printed shopping bags, printed invoices, promotional materials, coupons, discount cards, signage, and invoices to use in their day-to-day operations. As their sales go up, so does their need for supplies, resulting in more orders for the print company on which they rely.

Even online retailers can make good use of a firm that provides printing services. They can print shipping documents, branded bags, and other items to be used when they send out their orders.