Study shows American paper prudence

Becoming more environmentally conscious is a topic that is high on many people’s minds, and according to a recent report, the U.S. paper industry in taking this into account in many of its practices. This comes as good news to printing companies, who also go the extra mile to use earth friendly materials in the items they produce and encourage resourcefulness in their practices.

In the 2014 sustainability report released by the American Forest and Paper Association, it was noted that 63% of the paper in the U.S. is recovered and remade into new papers, or other products that contain high levels of post-consumer product recycled waste. This translates into an additional 230,000 tons of boxboard, cardboard, and other papers being diverted from landfills, and fewer trees needing to be harvested.

Since more and more paper companies are producing these eco-friendly items, it means that print companies have many more options to select from when they wish to make earth conscious choices. This can prove to be attractive to commercial consumers, who want to use ‘green’ items for their own advertising and other printed materials. They are then able to note that the items are printed on papers using a high percentage of recycled post waste, and encourage their customers to recycle the items when they are finished with them.

As more people in the U.S. make choices that reflect a concern for the environment, printing companies will be able to meet their demand by offering paper made using environmentally friendly methods, thus lowering the environmental impact of the industry.