The Boise Choices Sustainability Summit comes to Disney

The 2012 Boise Choices Sustainability Summit will take place at Disney’s Grand Californian Hotel and Spa in Anaheim on May 15. Registration is free but the space is limited.

There will be a walking tour of Disneyland in the afternoon, a welcome reception beginning at 6pm will be followed by a performance of Disney’s World of Color on May 14. The next day will feature breakfast, opening remarks by Alexander Toeldte and several keynote and guest speakers discussing a variety of topics on sustainability and the responsibility of business to comply with environment regulations.
Keynote speakers will include Drew Dudley, Carrie Gallagher, Ken Kurtzig and Joann Cox. Other speakers will include Dr. Beth Stevens and Barak Bright. The speakers are representatives from a variety of industries, businesses and environmental groups. Attendees will lean about best practices, the economic realities of sustainability and how it is possible to be environmentally sensitive in tough economic times. They will learn how to be good corporate citizens

Printing companies in the United States and all over the world should be dedicated to sustainability and to being environmentally sensitive in their day to day operations. Many use mostly recycled papers and avoid using paper made from old growth forests, using vegetable-based inks wherever possible. Printing firms should recycle any scrap papers and dispose of dangerous chemicals safely. There are of course federal regulations that must also be followed; organizations such as the Printers’ National Environmental Assistance Center exist to help printing companies comply with those regulations.