The five most popular brochure design folds

Brochure printers can provide a variety of brochure design choices to fit any number of uses. There are five brochure designs that are often chosen by clients. Those are bi-fold, tri-fold, Z or accordion fold, double gate-fold and two parallel-fold.

Brochures are an inexpensive way to introduce a new product or service, to let people know about a business and to advertise upcoming programs or events; they can be added to promotional press kits, sent out by direct mail, displayed in public buildings or given away at events.


The paper is folded in half giving it four panels. Usually the cover will feature the company name, the middle two will contain the content and the back will include contact information for the company.


The paper is folded twice giving it six panels. This seems to be the most popular design for brochures. As with the bi-fold, the contact and company information will be on the front and back with the content inside.

Z or accordion -fold

The paper is folded twice in alternating directions resulting in six panels. This is a good design choice for travel brochures and for highlighting images.

Double gate-fold

The paper is folded in half and then each side is folded inwards resulting in eight panels. It is an inexpensive choice when there is a lot of content to be included.

Two parallel-fold

The paper is folded in half and then in half again resulting in eight panels.
The best choice for a specific brochure will usually depend on its purpose and a reputable brochure printer will be able to advise pros and cons.