The multi-functionality of postcards as a business tool

Business cards usually represent the first impression entrepreneurs make on future customers or business partners. However, many business people are now using postcards in a dual function as business cards – particularly among those whose business is within artistic fields, such as art and literature.

The postcards often have a sample of artwork or the cover of a book on the front, with contact information on the back, and they tend to leave room for an address so the card can be passed on to a friend. Reaching out from person to person is, after all, at the heart of promotional success for any business.

Although bigger than business cards and less portable, a major advantage of postcards in business is that they can be sent through direct mail – with low postage costs due to their lightweight nature and lack of an envelope. They can also be handed out during author signings, inserted in local newspapers, or even sold at arts and crafts fairs.

Since the first thing people notice about postcards is the picture on the front, they should obviously be eye-catching and the graphic choice becomes all important. Any headlines on the card should be bold and short. The cards should be printed on quality paper and both sides of the postcard must be used to their maximum potential.

Professional printing companies, who have years of experience in postcard printing, can help companies or individuals decide what is best for them. For those who wish for their postcards to make an even bigger impact, oversized format cards are available too.