Tips for creating successful catalogs

Many people today have found they prefer to do their shopping at home rather than having to travel to the local mall or big-box store. While some use the Internet to order merchandise, many prefer to rely on mail-order. In catering towards the large audience out there that wishes to shop via a catalog, there are several tips to be followed to create and print a successful model.

When carrying out catalog printing, it is important to remember that a catalog should not overwhelm the consumer. As with many things, simple is better. Using just one font throughout the catalog and not overusing such styles such as bold and italics will make it easier to read. Consumers will prefer their catalog to be easy on the eye.

The binding style for most catalogs, especially those with fewer than 80 pages, is saddle-stitched or stapled in the middle. For best results, the catalog should also be standard size, as anything beyond magazine-size can be more expensive to mail to consumers. A catalog must contain an order form for mail order - a nice touch is also to include an envelope too.

The cover of a catalog must catch the eye. Colorful fonts and clear photographs of the merchandise will definitely encourage people to open the catalog. It is recommended that best-selling products ought to be placed in the upper right hand corner of each page, as that is where the eye goes to first.

Overall, the aim of a catalog is to sell merchandise and the better the design, the more items are likely to sell.