U.S. businesses face challenges despite growth

The U.S. economy is showing a higher rate of growth than expected, with part of this being due to an increase in the number of small businesses started by entrepreneurs who want their products to proudly bear the moniker ‘Made in America’.

The problem that many of them face is that there is a lack of supplies and component parts available in this country, and it is also sometimes difficult to find a domestic company to which they can outsource the manufacture of the parts that will be used to make their product.

There are several reasons for this, one of which is that, up until recently, many companies had to relocate overseas if they wished to remain competitive. Due to economic changes in countries like China, it’s becoming more expensive to manufacture products there, so many of these businesses are relocating back to the U.S. Still others closed due to lack of demand, and now that this is beginning to come back, they are reopening. This process, however, takes a while for them to get up to speed and be able to fully meet the needs of potential clients and customers.

As is typical of periods of economic growth, there will be spinoff benefits to companies that provide them with services. Printing companies provide an excellent example of this. As manufacturing continues to ramp up, companies in this sector will need the likes of printed packaging, promotional materials, and product catalogs. Print companies can provide these services, as well as any other print needs their customers may have.