Using print to get the most out of social media

It is becoming increasingly important for a business to have a social media presence, with each of the popular social media websites attracting large numbers of people. Facebook recently reached a billion users, Twitter users have sent over 175 million tweets, and the fast-growing Pinterest is becoming more popular every day. The business advantages of social media are obvious, but it is important for business professionals not to overlook the advantages of using printing services in conjunction with their online campaigns.

One of the most obvious ways this can be achieved is through business card printing. The Facebook and Twitter logos are now widely recognized, so entrepreneurs can easily print their Twitter user name or their Facebook site details next to them, taking up very little space on the card but giving recipients quick access to what they need to know.

Despite the emergence of social media and the heavy modern day focus on online marketing, it should be remembered that flyers remain one of the most effective marketing tools due to their flexibility of distribution. They can be delivered door-to-door, distributed publicly at events or in the streets, or left in buildings where interested people are likely to pick one up and take it home. By making sure that the flyers list the social media profiles of the company along with all the other contact information provided, business owners can get the most out of both their printed and online marketing efforts.