Volunteer visitors: providing support to new parents

Having a new baby can be an exciting time, but it can also be very overwhelming, especially for a new parent. There is so much to do, and often, they are exhausted. Sometimes, a few words of advice and support can make a big difference, and a there are community groups that are in an excellent position to provide just that.

It can start even before the new mom and baby leave the hospital to go home. A volunteer can pay her a visit and get to know her a bit. While she’s there, she can drop off brochures and other items produced by a print company. They can also provide digital business cards that have the contact information for her organization and other resources in the community that she can access if she finds she needs help, or just a sympathetic ear.

Once the new family is home and settling in, the same person who visited in the hospital can drop by mom and baby’s home to see how things are going. This will give the new mother a reason to take a break and sit and chat for a little while, which may be just the thing she needs.

As the baby gets older, the visits can continue, and the volunteer can provide her with informational pamphlets, prepared by brochure printers, that are relevant to the current developmental stage of her child. She can share information about the importance of well-baby visits, immunization, early detection of developmental delays, and more.

A volunteer visitor can go a long way towards making the first year of a baby’s life a wonderful one for both parent and child.