What a business needs to do before commercial printing

When a business sends a print request to a commercial printer, it will save them time and money if they know what they want the final product to look like. They should consult with their printing company beforehand so the print firm can understand exactly what the client wants and also their budget - a good print firm will help a company to find the right product at the right price. While any business can do their own printing in-house there are times when a professional is necessary, due to large quantities or detailed work.

Before sending items to a printing company it is important that a business knows and understands such things as what files and formatting will be needed by the printer, how many copies are required, what type of paper they want, how large the final print run will be, what type of binding is required, if the final product will be folded, and, of course, need to know the printer's deadlines to get the project finished on time. There is also the choice of color models; does the business want any color, single color, spot colors, process colors or process plus spot colors. It all depends on how they feel their final product will be viewed; color always makes a brochure or a flyer stand out.

Following these procedures will make it entirely possible for a business to create and design the entire print project, just sending the final plans to the print company. However, if they need help their printing company should be there to offer advice.