What is variable data printing?

Often shortened to VDP, variable data printing is a digital process that allows companies to customize their advertising materials and tailor them to the customers who receive them. The idea behind it is to increase open rates and connect with recipients on a more personal level.

VDP allows for certain text, graphics, and images to be customized during a print job without slowing down the production. This is often used for sending letters to customers when a personal reply would be appreciated, or for sending out invoices. It can also be used for direct marketing to consumers, advertising, and the addressing of items such as postcards and brochures.

A wide variety of software programs can offer file-merging and mail-sorting facilities suitable for VDP, but a company must know something about the person who will be receiving the materials. That way, it gives more of a personal touch and will make the item more relatable to the recipient. Information can be gathered in a number of ways, including through surveys or from registration of a software program.

VDP can be used when sending out invitations to special events, mailing holiday cards, completing postcard printing projects, running off self-mailers, or producing almost any printed advertising material. Since people feel more attached to a company if they are being treated as individuals rather than a mass of consumers, it is always likely that they will be more willing to make a purchase if this is achieved. Variable data printing makes that a possibility without being a drain on the time and resources of businesses.