Why being earth-friendly makes a world of difference

Both Earth Day and Arbor Day take place in the United States this month, and are days when many in the community celebrate the environment and discuss ways to improve it. As environmentalism has become an increasingly important issue, print companies have had to find new ways to continue to offer excellent printing services while still being mindful of their impact on the planet.

In fact, printing companies have become among the most environmentally friendly industries in North America. Most of them use wholly recycled paper, recycle their own waste paper, safely dispose of any harmful waste products that they produce, and use inks made from renewable sources like soy and corn. Most print industry associations have set up guidelines and rules for their members to follow, resulting in a widespread dedication to being more ‘green’. As well as the satisfaction they gain themselves from their efforts, companies with a green ethos tend to be favored by customers.

There are many ways in which companies outside of the printing industry can be more earth-friendly too. They can make sure that their packaging is easily recycled and is made primarily from recycled materials, or invest in recycled paper and materials not made from old growth forests. In addition, labels made from vegetable sources, such as corn instead of petroleum, are biodegradable, waterproof, and of very high quality.

Professional printing companies can help companies to make steps towards eco-awareness by providing quality products produced in more environmentally sustainable ways, and therefore become recognized for their endeavors.