Why businesses should send holiday cards

Once the summer comes to an end, it is inevitably not long before the first murmurings of Christmas and the holidays begin to be heard. For businesses, one of the many festive matters that need to be addressed is the ordering and distribution of holiday cards.

For those who work as contractors, sending a card is a way of keeping in touch and reminding people that your company is available for hire. For other companies, holiday cards help to remind clients that the business is still thriving and to thank them for their patronage. It can also be an indication that the company is in a strong economic position.

Of course, cards off the rack are one thing, but they should really be personalized for your business. Any professional printing company can provide you with a wide variety of designs and materials. Ordered in bulk, they usually end up being a lot less expensive than those cards purchased from a department or card store on a one-by-one basis.

When sending out cards, it is important to remember that you are communicating with a wide range of people, so it is advisable to avoid anything overly religious or humorous. Sending out a simple, classic, and tasteful card will reflect well on any company. They should be sent out very early in December to ensure they arrive on time, and they should be personally signed by upper management, although some companies use a photocopied signature to save time.