Why certificates can boost workplace morale

It's no secret that a happy workplace is a productive one too, and companies known to acknowledge and reward those staff members who go the extra mile for their employers tend to be the ones who hold on to reliable workers and achieve great business results. One excellent way to recognize the efforts of an employee is to present them with a professionally printed plaque or certificate.

We have all seen such awards hanging in offices, shops and other places of business – often celebrating somebody’s position as ‘employee of the month’. There are basic rules for what should appear on a plaque or a certificate. Usually, it will mention who has awarded the item, who has received it, what it is for, and the date on which it was awarded. Although ornate typography may be tempting, the most common fonts used are ones that can be read easily and from a distance.

The person who wants to give out the award will usually work with their printing company to design a product that suits the occasion. Certificates obviously come in paper, but they can be framed using a variety of materials such as wood and marble to give an ultra-professional finish.

Those who receive plaques and certificates usually want to display them for all to see. If they are sloppily designed or the print is hard to read, however, this will diminishes the effect of the award. That is why most companies choose to hire a professional printing company to create them.