Why direct mail is still the most effective form of advertising for business

Digital means, such as email and social networking sites, are heavily used in today’s marketing world, but traditional direct mail is still the most efficient form of advertising. A Direct Market Association study named the ‘2012 Response Rate Report’ has found that the response rate is much higher from direct mail than it is from email.

There are many reasons for this. For example, most email programs can find and file emails that are classified as spam and the recipient never sees them unless they make a point of checking the spam folder. Since email marketing usually involves sending out the same message to several people, even legitimate mail is often classified as spam.

However, when something is in a tangible form, such as a flyer, it is seen to have more credibility by the majority of people who receive it. Flyers, designed and printed by professional printing companies, are designed to catch the eye and most people will not be able to avoid picking them up and even giving them a cursory look. These flyers will also most likely be seen by several people in addition to the intended recipient.

There are even custom printers with attached mail sorters that can figure out the most efficient and inexpensive way to mail material. Also, many printing companies design, print, and mail out flyers, saving the client time and money. Of course, any direct mail product should also link to email addresses, websites, or social networking sites, so that it also appeals to those who do the bulk of their business online.