Why print powers forward in an online world

Most major newspapers have an online presence, as do most major news magazines. However, all publishers are aware that their printed media is still the backbone of their output. While the majority of Americans have Internet access and regularly go online, according to an article in Digital Trends from earlier this year, 20% still do not use the Internet and rely entirely on print. Of the 80% who do have Internet access, many still use a dialup connection, which is too slow for reading some news sources online.

Even among those who spend a lot of time on the web, many will say that they prefer to read offline, citing that reading online hurts their eyes or that it is uncomfortable for them. Others find it easier to save articles that they read on online sources – safe in the knowledge that they can print it out and store it somewhere, minimizing the risk of lost data due to a computer crash.

In terms of marketing, print media is still the most effective form of advertising, which explains why printing companies remain in heavy demand. Flyers, for example, are most often mailed directly to homes and looked at by at least one person in each household. However, it is also important that those who design the flyers link them to their online sites. Along with address and telephone number, a flyer should also contain a website address and social media links for those who prefer to do business online.