Why rebranding can call for printing services

There are many reasons for which companies might change their names from time to time. It may be, like in the case of several current sports teams, that the name is now seen as culturally insensitive or connotes something negative, or it could be that the company has moved in a different direction. One of the biggest companies in recent years to change their name is Blackberry, formerly Research in Motion.

When a name change has been decided upon, this is just the beginning of an often long period before it is accepted by the public. In addition to the name, the logo is also usually changed, and this new look must be present on all the company stationery, vehicles must be repainted, and any advertising posters have to be disposed of. In the case of a sports team, the changes will also include the jerseys the players wear, their equipment, the team bus, and season passes. This will also include the reprinting of promotional materials doled out to fans or handed out at special events.

Rebranding may be hard for companies, but it certainly provides employment for companies like stationery printers, brochure printers, and those who provide poster printing services.

A name change is a major decision for a business of any size, but it can be just what a company needs to reach the next level of success and to attract enough customers to do more than simply make ends meet.