Door Hangers

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Door hangers are effective pieces of marketing and advertising because they immediately grab your attention as you reach for the door. A custom designed door hanger should be bold, colorful, and informative to make sure it capture’s someone’s eye and then keeps his or her attention. Step into your local Minuteman Press and we will guide you every step of the way, ensuring that you get the perfectly designed, professionally printed door hanger that is sure to draw attention whenever potential customers look down to use the door.

Why use door hangers to market your business? Door hangers are powerful because they stand alone and they captivate an audience of one. In a crowded digital space, door hangers (like direct mail) give your brand the rare opportunity to have the undivided attention of the person at the door. We will make sure you make the most of this marketing approach by designing and printing door hangers that properly showcase your brand.

Minuteman Press Door Hangers:

  • We’ll help you design and print your custom door hangers of any style or shape
  • We’ll create colorful door hangers tailored to your brand’s message
  • Fast turnaround and in-person consultations
  • One-stop shop for all of your custom door hangers needs
  • Glossy, UV Coated or Uncoated
  • Light to Heavy Paper
  • Full Color/Pantone® Matched

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