Direct Mail

Use our Direct Mail and USPS EDDM marketing services to effectively reach your target audience.

Direct mail is a very effective way of reaching new customers. A properly run direct mail program, with a strong call to action, has always been a great form of advertising. Minuteman Press and International Minute Press have the equipment, experience, and expertise to help your mailing project succeed! Whether you have your own concept and design, or you need assistance getting started, our team will create and design something for you. When it comes to reaching a precise group or a specific territory, we have the data resources to handle it for you. If you already have a direct mailing list, we have the ability to take your list and incorporate it into a mailing piece for you. We utilize USPS approved software to more cost effectively mail your materials. We can work with you to customize the mailing list based on who your target audience is as well as where they are located.

Minuteman Press is ready, willing and able to assist you in fulfilling all of your direct marketing demands, from postcard creation, design and production to cost-effective direct mail and Every Door Direct Mail (EDDM) services.

Step into your local center for a FREE consultation on how we can fulfill your custom direct mail marketing and advertising needs. In doing so, you will not only be greeted warmly and given expert advice on your project, but you will also have the huge advantage of capitalizing on the insight that we have gained by serving the very same community you wish to target with your postcards, brochures, flyers and other promotional pieces.

With Minuteman Press, you will get the personalized attention you deserve and the highest level of quality and service you will find anywhere.

Variable Data

Did you know that using Variable Data can potentially increase your ROI by 5-10 times over traditional Direct Mail campaigns? Why settle for the normal 1-2% response rate when you could potentially do much better? Using Variable Data, we can customize your direct mail piece specifically to your individual customers. Let us help you reach your customers by personalizing a variable data mail piece precisely to them.

Minuteman Press Direct Mail Services:

  • Use our Direct Mail services for cost-effective distribution
  • We’ll help you deliver your message to your target audience
  • Variable Data option allows you to customize your direct mail pieces specifically to your individual customers
  • One-stop solution for all direct mail marketing products and services

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