“Raise the level” of your printed products with our custom embossing services!

Embossing is used to add elegance and depth to business cards, presentation folders, mailings, envelopes, invitations, letterheads, rack cards, and any printed pieces where you want to add that extra personal touch. Our professional custom embossing services will “raise the level” of your printed pieces and help your brand stand out.

What is embossing?

Embossing is the process where raised lettering or designs are produced to create an eye-catching 3d effect on paper. Embossing is done using male and female etched dies along with heat to raise or push the letters or design above the paper’s surface. The end result is a visually appealing element that adds a touch of class as well as texture to the finished printed product. Since print is such a tangible medium, embossing is important in helping your materials look and feel different from other brands.

Why embossing?

Embossing enables you to highlight important elements of your printed products, such as letters (company name) and designs (your corporate logo), to make sure they stand out. Embossing can also be combined with foil stamping to help create the effect of a 3d image on printed paper that really shines.

We offer professional custom embossing services that you will make you excited about handing out or displaying your presentation folders, business cards, trade show packets, press kits, rack cards, and other printed pieces. Your clients will be impressed by the extra effort you put into showcasing your brand identity, and you will leave a lasting impression simply by adding a little embossing to your finished products.

Minuteman Press Embossing Services:

  • Custom embossing services to help your printed materials stand out!
  • Add a touch of elegance to your presentation folders, business cards, mailings, invitations, envelopes, letterhead, rack cards, and more
  • Combine with foil stamping to make 3d images shine!
  • One-stop solution for all your print and embossing needs

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