Folding is a crucial part of professional printing and finishing services. Let us be your guide for folded brochures, booklets, wedding invitations, and more!

One huge element to our professional printing and finishing services is making sure your final product is presented in the best way possible. For example, when designing and printing a new folded brochure, booklet, or wedding invitation, we will make sure we use the right type of folding that best suits the design and purpose of the finished product.

The two most common types of folding are half-fold and tri-fold, but there are many options for brochures, letters, direct mail pieces, invoices, invitations, newsletters, maps, and more:

  • Half-fold – Paper is folded in half and creates 4 panels, perfect for simple business presentations and pamphlets
  • Tri-fold – Paper is folded in thirds and creates 6 panels, widely used for brochures
  • Letter fold – For folding letters
  • Single Gate fold – Paper is folded inwards on left and right side, meeting in the middle. This creates six panels (3 in front + 3 in back).
  • Double Gate fold – Paper is folded inwards on left and right side, meeting in the middle. Paper is then folded again at the center, creating eight panels (4 in front and 4 in back).
  • Z fold – Paper is folded in thirds in “zig zags.” A Z fold brochure opens like an accordion in the shape of the letter Z.
  • Double Parallel fold – Paper is folded in half twice in the same (parallel) direction. This creates eight panels (2 in front + 2 in back).
  • Other folding styles include four-panel fold, accordion fold, barrel (roll) fold, and half-fold + tri-fold, and more!

No matter what folding or finishing services you need, our skilled staff will make sure to put all of the perfect finishing touches on your orders. We also do custom designs and printing, and your local center will make sure we provide your business with professionally finished products that look and function exactly how you want.

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