Personalized URLs

Add Personalized URLs to your direct mail and marketing strategies to give your customers a truly custom and interactive experience!

Personalized URLs (also known as PURLs) are custom web addresses that businesses use to turn direct marketing campaigns into a more unique, individualized experience for each member of your target audience.

Instead of sending out a direct mail advertising piece that directs customers to your official website, you can give them access to a personalized URL or landing page that makes them feel more like part of your family. The best part is that personalized URLs also enable you to track the activity of each customer and allow you to update key data on each unique visitor.

Personalized URLs also enhance the customer experience with your brand and give them an opportunity to engage with you on a more personal level. This can lead to more direct mail conversions and potentially help you grow your business. Contact us to see how we can help you with Personalized URLs as well as your entire direct mail and marketing strategies.

Minuteman Press Personalized URLs:

  • We’ll create Personalized URLs tailored to direct marketing campaigns
  • Personalized URLs allow for tracking activity and gathering customer data

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