QR Codes

You’ve seen and learned how to use QR Codes. Now it’s time to add them to your business cards and marketing materials to give customers with smartphones easy access to your website.

In today’s marketing landscape, QR Codes are one of the most effective tools in linking a printed or tangible item that customers have in their hands with your website or landing page. You’ve seen these QR Codes – short for Quick Response Codes – in magazines and newspapers, on billboards, signs, buses, business cards, retail items in supermarkets, or on just about any object about which users might need or want more information.

The way QR Codes work is simple: Your customer sees the code and wants to know more, and so they take out their smartphones – many of which come built in with QR code scanners or have free apps available – scan the QR code and instantly get taken to the web page of your choice. QR codes are powerful because they connect clients or colleagues to anything you want, from websites, videos or photo slideshows to Facebook pages or customized landing pages with special promotions you developed in conjunction with your business marketing campaign.

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Why Use QR Codes?

Use QR Codes on business cards as a generator or accelerator of leads no matter where you are networking – trade shows, sales meetings, conferences, etc.

Use QR Codes on marketing materials such as custom fliers, brochures, programs, signs, banners and promotional products to give your target audience an easy and accessible way to connect with you online.

Use QR Codes on storefront windows, decals, menus, packaging supplies or any other branded marketing item to offer a special promotion and garner repeat business.

Use QR Codes for custom giveaways or huge promotions that coincide with special events, VIP meetings with customers, tradeshows, or huge retail campaigns that occur during different seasons such as Back to School, Black Friday, etc.

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