Vehicle Wraps

Drive up visibility wherever your company travels with professionally designed and installed Vehicle Wraps from your local Minuteman Press!

Vehicle wraps and graphics are the perfect way to increase your brand’s visibility wherever your company travels. Whether you run a small business that makes deliveries around town or a large corporation that travels everywhere, vehicle wraps and graphics are powerful, effective advertising displays that put your business squarely in front of everyone that sees your company cars or trucks on the road.

Why Vehicle Wraps?

Vehicle Wraps give your business brand awareness an unprecedented type of mobile advertising that reaches both other drivers and pedestrians who see your displays. As opposed to a plain delivery car, truck or van, a company vehicle that contains your advertising will enable you to reach an audience right in the areas where your company does business.

This type of traveling advertisement is valuable in any type of setting including urban, suburban and rural environments. In cities and high volume suburban areas, Vehicle Wraps will be seen by those who are driving on the same busy roads as well as onlookers when you are driving or parked. In rural towns, a Vehicle Wrap will go a long way in terms of increasing your brand identity and awareness in communities that are more spread out.

Why Minuteman Press?

We will professionally design and carefully install your Vehicle Wraps and graphics with the type of personalized attention and high quality service you deserve. We will make sure your vehicle advertising displays are visually appealing, match your brand’s identity, and contain the right messaging.

How long do Vehicle Wraps last?

We use the finest materials available and have highly skilled installers that create and install your wrap.

How are Vehicle Wraps applied?

Vehicle Wraps are applied using sheets of vinyl. The vinyl used is specifically made for this application and has a top clear cover called a laminate. When the wrap is installed, it covers the existing paint of the vehicle. The finished product will resemble a painted surface.

Can Vehicle Wraps be removed?

Yes. Vehicle Wraps are removable and leave no lasting effects on your vehicle.

How fast can Vehicle Wraps be completed?

The production and install of custom Vehicle Wraps is a relatively short process, but turnaround time also depends on the type of vehicle and complexity of the design. Your Vehicle Wrap may be a simple design on one side of your vehicle or a complete wrap from bumper to fender. We will work to ensure your Vehicle Wraps are done as carefully and quickly as possible.

Minuteman Press Vehicle Wraps:

  • We’ll professionally design and install your vehicle wraps and graphics
  • We’ll make sure all vehicle wrap installs are done carefully and quickly as possible (turnaround time depends on complexity of the design)
  • We do everything from simple designs to a complete vehicle wrap from bumper to fender – all vehicle wraps are customized to meet your needs!

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